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If you get irritated by stupid spammers, (like I obviously do! LOL) then the CAPTCHA module is just what you need to keep those who use automated programs to spam you via your contact form.

We DO NOT put captcha on create account forms unless specifically asked to do so, only on the form that is commonly spammed, which is the contact form.  Customers creating an account should have as few "hoops" to jump through in our opinion.

NOTE:  This is NOT needed for 1.5.1 or higher versions of Zen Cart because measures were taken in the coding to keep robots from spamming your contact us, create account and product reviews page.  If you are using a version of Zen Cart that is 1.5.0 or lower, it is in the best interest of your business and safety of your site and customer data to upgrade to the latest version of Zen Cart!

This mod works on Zen cart versions 1.3.8, 1.3.9 and 1.5.0


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hooked it up!

Judy went above and beyond the call of duty. She provided a great service to my website and helped me understand what the heck i just paid for lol...

Judy and Zen Cart are awesome!!

Judy is so knowledgable and helpful! She was so patient throughout the whole process, and has so much technical know-how. She built my website:...

5 Star Rating

No, I take that back, she gets a 10 Star rating!!! I have been in business a long time and used a lot of IT people during that time, but Judy...

The best thing to happen to my website

I was at the point of wanting to completely redo my website. I couldn't take the slow loading pages and constant forum reading looking for solutions...

Saved The Day!

Judy helped us after we were abandoned by another company. Knowing that our website was down, she immediately went to work and upgraded our zen cart...

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