Hosting Information

We offer hosting for zen cart websites on a case by case basis. We lease a fully managed dedicated server that is located in a huge data center in Florida.

This server is NEVER OVERLOADED with websites- and we do not sell outrageous plans that lie and say you will get unlimited space and bandwidth for $5.00 a month or some other lowball amount, so your server goes down when people actually take advantage of those lies.

I do not host sites that are porn or hate related. I do not host sites that do mass emailings from zen cart's newsletter function or  those that spam people. Should you have more than a couple hundred newsletter subscribers, I highly recommend MailChimp, which is what I use.  MailChimp is also a VERY GOOD and free solution for those having less than 2000 subscribers.

All websites on my server are backed up daily and weekly. This backup is a FULL CPANEL backup which includes your database and all files. Should you ever get hacked or something go wrong on your site, you are protected! I offer dedicated IP addresses and 256 Bit SSL certificates from Comodo for $98 per year.  Should you need hosting at a reasonable fee, please send me an email or call me and I can give you a link to sign up. I do not advertise this link because, as I stated, I am very selective about who is on my servers. :)

Here is a brief synopsis of advantages of hosting with us:

1.  Because the sites on our server are e-commerce sites, as part of PCI Compliance regulations, many people have security scans done on their sites.  If there are errors on these scans, we log into your account and dispute and/or update them at no charge.  While we do not GUARANTEE that we can resolve the disputes, 98% of the time we are able to effectively challenge their findings so they will pass the PCI Compliance scan.

2.  If you have a problem with your zen cart website, because we specialize in zen cart we can most likely help, for a troubleshooting fee.  For example, if you get locked out of your admin, we can go into the database and fix this so you can get back into your site.  This is NOT a FREE service... but you won't hear "we don't support 3rd party scripts" from us where zen cart is concerned!

3.  We never ever overload our server with websites!  When servers are overloaded, websites grind to a slow crawl and visitors will leave faster than lightning!

4.  We can offer suggestions on what to do on your website if it IS slow even after being moved over to our server.

5.  While we do not offer 24/7 "live" service, we are reachable 24/7 and attempt to return calls and emails quickly.

6.  We offer top of the line 256 bit Comodo SSL certificates

7.  We do not allow automatic hosting signups - thus the server is not at risk of being taken down by someone creating an account to flood the server with spam.

Servers I will not work on for people with other hosting:

1. Godaddy servers - I will MOVE your site from a godaddy server to one of mine, but that is the best I can do to help you if you already have a site hosted on godaddy. Godaddy servers have proven to not play nice with zen cart.

f you want a successful online business - with minimal headache / heartache - don't host there.

2. Windows Servers
While Zen Cart will work on a windows server, I must admit that I do not have enough knowledge of the windows server environment to successfully set up a zen cart and get it operational. It has NEVER FAILED that when I work on a windows server, something inevitably goes wrong or the database is not accessible or some weird thing! Over the years, I have always dealt with Linux servers, and that is where my expertise is.

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