News: Zen Cart V1.5.5E Released

Article Date(s):03/02/2017 - 03/02/2017

Since the release of v1.5.5d on 31-Dec-2016, the following changes have been applied to become v1.5.5e

  • Upgrade PHPMailer from 5.2.21 to 5.2.22

  • Update gmail support to use TLS per published standards

  • Fix bug introduced in v1.5.5c related to deleting customers

  • Add built-in support for new .htaccess rules required for Apache 2.4, so mod_compat doesn't need to be installed

  • zc_install improvements better handling for upgrades from v138 / v139

  • zc_install - removed extraneous backticks from upgrade SQL from v154-to-v155

  • Bridge compatibility for transition to removal of the ENABLE_SSL_ADMIN constant

  • Consolidate to a single upload class, shared between admin/catalog

  • Updates to Payeezy and First Data HCO payment modules

  • NOTE: There were NO Database Changes

    The list of changed files between minor versions is here:


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Dear Judy, you are a angel for us, you solved ouwer problem for the login on ouwer admin page, Judy put us back in bussines, many thanks for the...

Judy Rocks!!

Judy is absolutely the BEST! She did in less than three days what another person had been working on for three months and still didn't have it up and...

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A Knightess in Shining armor

Miss Judy has been a great help setting up and improving our cart. She is an honest person I do not worry about her when she is working on my site....

Thank you, Judy!

I am really happy to know you and Dana (Jaguarwoman) - my website is ON! Thank GOD and thank YOU!!! You´re just PERFECT and I love to work with...

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