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I have a philosophy of wanting to make sure everyone knows how to operate their zen cart stores without assistance from others.  Because of this firm philosophy, I provide zen cart consultation services to those who need to speak on the phone about how to perform various tasks in their  zen cart admin area.  While there is much written documentation on the zen cart website that can help, some people are more "visual and/or auditory learners" .  If you need this service, here are the steps we take to help train you to run your store:

1.  Decide approximately how much time you think we will need to spend on the phone with each other based on your needs and purchase that amount of consultation time. 
2.  Prepare a very explicit email detailing exactly what you are having problems with and want to know how to do. 
3.  Let me know when a good time for the consultation would be for you - giving a couple of choices so I can let you know which one best fits into my current schedule.
4.  I will confrim a date / time with you and give you a link to download a file that will allow me to remotely control your computer (with your permission and by supplying me with a password)
5.  On the date / time scheduled, you will be given my landline office phone number to call and we will start our training session at that time.  We will walk through the items in your email, I will visually show you how to do it on your computer.  As you watch and listen, you may take notes.  Then, depending upon what we are doing, I turn the mouse over to you so I can watch you and make sure you can accomplish the task.
6.  Billing is in 1/2 hour increments.  If you pay for one hour and it only takes 1/2 hour for the training / consultation, you will receive a refund of the other 1/2 hour charge.  If we go over the 1 hour, then when our consultation is completed, you can go pay for the additional time spent.

Below is a list of some of the things other clients have needed help with, that I have successfully trained in this manner.....

1.  Setting up a category and product
2.  Setting up attributes and applying them to a product (eg: product color, size, etc.)
3.  Training to send out a newsletter to customers
4.  Setting up group discounts
5.  How to set up products for sale and featured products
6.  Controlling information in sideboxes
7.  Setting up EZ pages
8.  Setting up coupons for customers
9.  Help with using modifications that I have installed for you

These are just a few areas that are most common that my customers have needed help with.

Important to note:  I do not train people to build their zen cart or install mods, etc.  I just do consultations for how to run the store.

If you have ANY questions.... please call me at 816-550-1900 prior to purchasing this service.

1/2 Hour Zen Cart Consulting / Training Session

1/2 Hour Zen Cart Consulting / Training Session

We are happy to set up a consultation / training session with you to go over what you are wanting to learn about your Zen Cart store.  If we...
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Zen Cart Consulting / Training Session Hourly Rate

Zen Cart Consulting / Training Session Hourly Rate

We are happy to set up a consultation / training session with you to go over what you are wanting to learn about your Zen Cart store.  If we...
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