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It is always important to keep any software that you have upgraded.  In the case of a shopping cart program, it is VERY important because of bug fixes and security upgrades.

When we do an upgrade, we follow proper protocol and build your newly upgraded site either on our server or in a new directory on your server.  Your "old" site is completely operational during the upgrade process.  Once the upgrade is complete, tested and approved by you, then the old site files are removed and the new upgraded files placed.  Downtime is minimal if done the right way.

All of our upgrades automatically include the following modules, so you do not need to purchase installation services for them:

1.  Sales Report
2.  CK Editor
3.  USPS
4.  UPS
5.  Recover Cart Sales
6.  Backup My SQL Database

Use coupon code ModsUpgrade to get 30% off modifications when you are having a Zen Cart upgrade done.

If you are unsure of the mods that might be installed, you will probably want to fill out our Request For Quote Form PRIOR to placing your order, so we can give you a list of what you have installed so you can determine if you still want/need these zen cart modifications or whether they have been updated to work with the latest version you are upgrading to.

Upgrade Zen Cart 1.5.0+ to Latest Release

Upgrade Zen Cart 1.5.0+ to Latest Release

Get 50% off your upgrade when you order a fresh new responsive design for tablets and phones! Upgrading from 1.5.0+ to the latest version involves...
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UPGRADE of Zencart Version 1.3+ to Latest Release

UPGRADE of Zencart Version 1.3+ to Latest Release

Get 50% off your upgrade when you order a fresh new responsive design for tablets and phones!   When you do an upgrade, you will receive a 30%...
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Good work!

Of all the prospective Zen Cart coders we nterviewed, Judy was the most responsive, friendly and reasonably priced. She produced the exact results...

Judy is the best!

I searched for 12 frustrating years for a web designer who is an expert, professional, and thorough; someone who cares about customers' needs, who...

Thank you, Judy!

With much stress and disarray of trying to install and operate Zen Cart on my own, I called Judy. Instantly we hit it off and she effortlessly got my...

I could not be HAPPIER that we found JUDY!!!!!!

I came across Judy on a Google search (as I read others have too). I called her after searching through her site and reading what folks had to say...

Zen Goddess

Judy, You are our Zen Goddess!! You have done wonders to our site.. People, do not even have any doubt. She has saved our site a few times from...

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