As of 12/9/2022, I will no longer be doing Zen Cart work except for hosting Zen Cart websites.  I have a very close colleague, Melanie Prough, that will be taking over all the work from customers I have been serving over the years.  Melanie is a respected and trustworthy part of the Zen Cart community.

I have enjoyed working with all of you over the years and will cherish the times we have had to work together. 

For Hosting questions - Call Judy at 406-880-4330

Below is the info for Melanie:

Melanie Prough at will be available to help you with your Zen Cart needs. She has been developing Zen Carts since 2003 and is experienced with the software.
Please save the contact information for future reference =)
PRO-Webs, Inc.
Woodbine, GA
Melanie Prough CEO
Please stop by and familiarize yourself with the website and resources =)

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Zen Cart 1.5.7c Released
Zen Cart 1.5.7c Released today
Zen Cart 1.5.7b Released
Zen Cart 1.5.7b Released yesterday evening.  
Zen Cart 1.5.7a Released
New version 1.5.7a released yesterday.  Make sure your cart is up to date for your security and the security of your customers!
Zen Cart 1.5.7 Released
Version 1.5.7 was released yesterday.
IMPORTANT Security Fix for ALL versions of Zen Cart
This patch is for ALL versions of Zen Cart up to 1.5.6B It affects product notifications which could give access to the database and open your...
Zen Cart 1.5.6C Released
Late last night, the Zen Cart developers released a new version of Zen Cart - 1.5.6C which includes the security patch above and also bug fixes and...
Zen Cart 1.5.6B Released
Last week the developers of Zen Cart released a new version 1.5.6B. I have been watching all the bug reports and have not felt comfortable upgrading...
Zen Cart 1.5.6A Released
I hesitated to inform everyone that 1.5.6 was out in December of 2018, because several bugs were found in it after its release.  All bug fixes...
Zen Cart Version 1.5.5F Released
Since the release of v1.5.5e in March of 2017, the following changes have been applied to become v1.5.5f according to the official Zen Cart website:...
MasterCart BIN 2 - You may need a patch!
Mastercard has already started rolling out their new cards beginning with the number 2.  If your Zen Cart online store is operating at a version...
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