Zen Cart 1.5.6A Released

Article Date(s): 11/03/2011 - 12/31/2035
Amount of Modules Discount Coupon Code
$100-199 10.0000% MODS-100
$200-299 15.0000% MODS-200
$300-399 20.0000% MODS-300
$400-499 25.0000% MODS-400
$500-up 30.0000% MODS-500

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Customer Reviews

Miss Judy once again to the rescue!

Our long time server went out of business and sold us to another company. We were migrated to another server and did not know what was happening...

Awesome Professional Lady

Thank you, Judy! You are awesome. If I listed all that you did for us, it would take all day and sound like you paid me to say it. I am blessed...

Judy is the best !

Judy is the most amazing person to work with. I also found Judy from Google and after talking to her she put my mind at rest as she knew exactly what...

Judy did an amazing job!

It was pain and frustration getting our store open. We started looking and talking to different zencart designers but ultimately she was the most...

The best thing to happen to my website

I was at the point of wanting to completely redo my website. I couldn't take the slow loading pages and constant forum reading looking for solutions...

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