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Thank you for visiting our about us page to find out a little bit more information about what we are all about!

My name is Judy Gunderson and I live in the Midwest in Independence, MO with my husband, Tom (to whom I have been married since 1987) and our three kids, Tommy, Stephen and Marianne. I also have one granddaughter, Addyson and a grandson, Samuel Jr.

I tend to be a very friendly person - as most mid-westerners are. That, along with my bubbly personality, an abundance of creative energy, shooting straight from the hip honesty, and genuinely CARING about people is what I believe has made my business so successful. If you want a "stick-in-the-mud" web designer that talks in a monotone using above your head terms all the time... I am definitely not your gal!

I have been building websites for more years than I can remember! I started out designing html websites and alot of those were using the paypal shopping cart code and / or Mals Ecommerce shopping cart coding. In 2004, I discovered Zen Cart, and believe me, after designing so many paypal or mals ecom sites, zen cart was a real time saver - especially for those clients that had more than 20 products. It was a real bear to sit here and hard code all those paypal links in each product - and there was no way I could instruct my client on how to add the products due to them needing to know html coding and have an html editor.

I was so thrilled with the zen cart shopping cart, that I ended up moving all but one of my clients that used paypal over to the zen cart system within a year or two! Since about 2007, I quit building html websites completely and focused my business on the zen cart e-commerce shopping cart. And... as they say... I have never looked back.

That is not to say I have not tried other shopping cart software, like OsCommerce, ZeusCart, Miva shopping cart, Magento, Yahoo Stores, Agora, PrestaShop, etc.... it is just that none of them stack up to Zen Cart and its capabilities. I continue to track various software programs to see how they compare to zen cart, and they still never seem to measure up to the Zen Cart software.

As my business grew, I found it was easier for my clients for me to be able to register their domain names and set up their hosting for them. So, I became a domain registrar and also started providing hosting on a shared server. It did not take long before I had to lease a dedicated server and move all my clients over to it! As of 2009, I now lease a fully managed dedicated server located in a data center in Florida. I offer very high quality, speedy, PCI compliant Zen Cart hosting to my customers only. I do not open my servers up to where any spammer can just create an account and take the server down or get it blacklisted from their spam.

In July 2008, I established a business relationship with Melanie Prough of Pro Webs to be able to offer quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to my clients. This has been a decision I have never regretted, although alot of the time Melanie starts talking about SEO and server side includes and all the things she is so well versed in, and I feel like she is speaking some foreign language to me! I just sit and TRY to pretend I understand all of what she is saying, but I don't think I really fool her much.

July must be a lucky month for me, because in July of 2009, our eldest son, Tommy Jr., came on board to work with me. He is my "mod guy" and currently handles most of the zen cart modification orders while I work on the zen cart design. He is learning the zen cart "geek speak" like a pro! He will sit and have a discussion about his day "in the office" with his Dad... and Tom will tell me later that he hardly understood a word Tommy said and that it was just like when I start talking about a project I am working on. Kudos to Tommy for confusing his Dad!

Well, that hopefully gives you some extra information about us. Please feel free to contact us at 406-880-4330 if you have any questions.


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